National Health Card


Trinidad & Tobago Government


When first-time visitors come to the Caribbean, they may expect to find a laid-back paradise of pina coladas and pool-sides. Trinidad challenges the status quo; breaks the mould. You can chart your own adventure with our help of course, and discover the unexpected with a vast choice of festivals, fun events and a host of other adrenaline-generating activities.


The more serene of the siblings, Tobago is home to the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere. It really is the last of the unspoilt Caribbean. Once you behold her beauty, you will understand why Tobago was Robinson Crusoe's isle - and why our European settlers fought over her ownership more than any other Caribbean island.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is the national authority vested with the oversight of the entire health system in Trinidad and Tobago. The Ministry of Health is committed to providing high quality healthcare to all citizens regardless of economic status and has successfully effected significant improvements in the management and delivery of health services.

National Insurance Property Development Company Limited (NIPDEC)

The National Insurance Property Development company Limited (NIPDEC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago. NIPDEC was commissioned by the Ministry of Health to oversee the implementation of the National Health Card based on their years of experience in project management, procurement management and facilities management. NIPDEC has overseen the Chronic Disease Assistance Programme (CDAP) since it began in 2002.